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Mark Taurus Corporate Finance Eibergen Mark Taurus Corporate Finance Deventer
Mark Eenink Director [email protected] linkedin icon

Mark Eenink has been a director of Taurus Corporate Finance since its foundation. He has run an independent acquisition practice for years and also has extensive international banking experience. As a result, Mark is able to approach company acquisitions from a financial perspective and can also be used as an expert on cross-border.

Hans Taurus Corporate Finance Eibergen Hans Taurus Corporate Finance Deventer
Hans Goorhuis Director [email protected] linkedin icon

Hans Goorhuis has years of banking experience in a variety of management positions. He is also active in a number of corporate and public law organisations. He has an extensive network. Hans is highly skilled at connecting people and as a result knows how to make complex deals possible.

Arjan Taurus Corporate Finance Eibergen Arjan Taurus Corporate Finance Deventer
Arjan Weernink Director [email protected] linkedin icon

Arjan Weernink has many years of banking experience in the corporate market. Complex acquisition transactions, large investment issues, companies with declining revenues and real estate transactions often form his focus area. Arjan’s strengths include analysing deeper customer needs, and he guarantees quality and customer satisfaction.

Gert Jan Neiwijde Taurus Zakelijk Gert Jan Neiwijde Taurus Prive
Gert-Jan Nijweide Director [email protected] linkedin icon

Gert-Jan Nijweide has extensive experience in consultancy and business. In both the SME and the corporate market, he has been involved in a variety of buying / selling and financing transactions. In addition to his extensive experience in sports and investments, he has focused on technical start-ups and scale-ups. Gert-Jan is a committed and analytically strong professional who is always looking for the best solution for stakeholders.

Ed Koops Taurus Corporate Finance Deventer Ed Koops Taurus Corporate Finance Deventer Sportief
Ed Koops Directeur Recovery [email protected] linkedin icon

Ed Koops beschikt over een ruime ervaring in de begeleiding van ondernemers en ondernemingen. Te denken valt daarbij aan organisaties die (grootschalige) veranderingen willen doorvoeren, in zwaar weer verkeren of geen of weinig grip hebben op hun organisatie.

Ed heeft langjarige ervaring als zelfstandig adviseur en kan bogen op een ruime ervaring in diverse management en directieposities binnen het bedrijfsleven. Daarnaast heeft Ed een achtergrond als accountant. Ed windt er geen doekjes om en zegt waar het op staat.

Terence van Bussel Corporate Finance adviseur Eibergen Terence Taurus Corporate Finance Deventer
Terence van Bussel Corporate finance advisor [email protected] linkedin icon

Since 2011, Terence van Bussel has been the person at Taurus maintaining contacts with all relevant parties and drawing up reports. As a graduate organisational expert, he has a clear view on organisational issues. His goal is to resolve issues as efficiently and favourably as possible for the customer. Terence mainly focuses on sales support and financing issues.

Corporate Finance Adviseur Eibergen Tim ten Beitel Tim Taurus Corporate Finance adviseur Deventer
Tim ten Beitel Corporate finance advisor [email protected] linkedin icon

Tim ten Beitel is skilled at analysing corporate economic information with an eye for the future. At Taurus, he mainly focuses on assisting with company acquisitions and financing. Tim has a Master's degree in Business Administration with Corporate Finance, providing a thorough grounding for his work at Taurus.

Andries Griffioen Taurus Zakelijk Andries Griffioen Taurus Prive
Andries Griffioen Valuator [email protected] linkedin icon

Andries Griffioen worked as a credit analyst in the banking sector for many years. During this time, Taurus got to know him as a true professional. At Taurus, as a Certified Valuator, Andries focuses in particular on the increasingly complex area of business valuations in the purchase and sale of companies, as well as on the financing of this type of transaction.

Danique Sterenborg Taurus Corporate Finance Deventer Danique Taurus Corporate Finance Deventer Sportief
Danique Sterenborg Corporate Finance Analist [email protected] linkedin icon

Danique Sterenborg heeft een sterke analytische blik voor bedrijfskundige vraagstukken. Danique heeft een Bachelor in International Finance & Accounting en heeft haar Master in Business Administration met als afstudeerrichting Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Strategy met cum laude afgerond. Doordat Danique de Duitse en Engelse taal goed beheerst kan zij ook voor grensoverschrijdende projecten worden ingezet.

Sanne Deunk-Freriks - Jurist Corporate Finance Eibergen Jurist Corporate Finance Deventer Sanne Deunk-Freriks
Sanne Freriks Corporate finance legal advisor [email protected] linkedin icon

Sanne Freriks works as a legal expert on corporate acquisitions. She knows exactly how to guide acquisition processes and provide the requisite legal framework. Sanne excels in delivering a pragmatic approach to legal issues.

Secretaresse Dewi Supardjo Taurus Dewi Supardjo Secretaresse bij Taurus
Dewi Supardjo Secretary [email protected] linkedin icon

Dewi Supardjo has been working as Taurus Corporate Finance’s secretary since 2016. She is responsible for all support activities including scheduling appointments, invoicing and other administrative tasks. Taurus’ customers know Dewi as a friendly first point of contact who will always go the extra mile.

Always the best deal

The best deal is different for every entrepreneur. That’s why we take the time to get to know what you wantfrom a deal. What’s your estimate of the value of your company and what potential buyers do you have in mind? How long do you want to carry on working and are you prepared to finance the buyer? Based on your profile, which we put together with you, we will identify potential buyers and, drawing on our expertise and our network, we will approach the right buyers. Subsequently, our experience and creativity will lead to the deal that works for you. That's what we call 'the best deal'!

Do you have any questions or can we help you in any way?

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