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Corporate mediation

Corporate mediation is a type of conflict mediation within a company or between shareholders. An independent mediator will look for a solution to a problem together with you and the other party. 
Mediation is less drastic than going to court and can also save a lot of time and money. The basic principle of mediation is to work on a solution yourself with expert help. In numerous cases, this method of conflict mediation has a positive outcome. In the event of a business conflict, it is therefore advisable to first seek a solution through corporate mediation. Read more about the corporate mediation process here.

Why Taurus as corporate mediator?

Taurus' advisors have a business and legal background. They also have many years of experience in the corporate world. This allows them to understand conflicts and propose viable solutions. They are also able to rapidly analyse the fundability of the solutions.

Finally, mediation requires knowledge of people, and creativity. Hans Goorhuis, Mark Eenink and Arjan Weernink all have these vital competencies. They can give you demonstrable examples of successful mediation processes. Is it too early or too drastic to involve the courts? Corporate mediation offers the
opportunity to find the best solution together!

Are you keen to know whether your situation would be suitable for corporate mediation? Feel free to contact us! Together we can discuss the situation. Based on this, we can advise you on the best steps to take.

When does corporate mediation occur?

Mediation can play a role in almost all conflicts. Our specialists focus on mediation in corporate disputes. Corporate mediation can provide a solution to, for example:

  • A conflict between shareholders or partners;
  • A difference of opinion between family members about the business strategy to be adopted;
  • Conflicts about business succession;
  • A conflict about the valuation of the company;
  • Conflicts between the buyer and seller after the transfer of the business.

Often, a business conflict is not about rules, but about misunderstandings, miscommunication or improper treatment. By paying attention to this during mediation, a solution can often be found.

How does corporate mediation work?

During the first meeting, our advisor will discuss the procedure with you and the other party. We start with an assessment to determine which issues need to be resolved. In addition, the obstacles to the solution are identified. The interests of the parties involved are also identified, including non-financial interests. This provides a clear picture of the situation and allows us to start the process without prejudice.

Without prejudice, we will work together to find the best possible solution for all parties involved. In addition to joint meetings, individual meetings will also be held. This creates a clear picture of the conflict and the possible solutions. During the mediation process, our advisor will always act independently and look for a solution for all parties involved.

What are the steps in corporate mediation?

Our advisor will set up an initial meeting as soon as possible. We start by discussing the mediation rules and the intended procedure. The scope of the engagement and the costs are also discussed. This creates a clear picture of the steps to be followed for all parties involved.

We then start by identifying the 'conflicts' that need to be resolved. The obstacles that stand in the way of the solution are identified.

Once all interests have been identified and the relevant documents (e.g. annual accounts) are available, we start the discussions. Together with all parties involved, we sit down to find a solution. This solution must be in everyone's best interests. Our consultant will test whether the solutions found are feasible in practice and financially realistic.

Taurus as mediator

Are you interested in the results corporate mediation can offer in the event of a conflict? Please feel free to contact our experienced corporate mediators. We would like to discuss how we can help you.


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