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Corporate finance

Appropriate corporate finance

Corporate finance is a tailor-made process. In our experience, companies are apt too often to turn to banks as their sole means of financing in investments and acquisitions. Corporate finance is much more than that. Our contacts and cooperation with investment companies and informal investors makes it possible to find more attractive financing options.

By analysing and discussing the financing structure and a company’s wishes for its implementation on a timely basis, we can develop a future-proof financing plan. We also cooperate with all banks and are aware of their policies and pricing structures. This enables us to attract the right financier under the right

For this purpose, after thorough preparation, we draft a financing memorandum. This document professionally details the financing for all parties.

Advice on corporate financing

Our specialists at Taurus Corporate Finance have years of experience with corporate finance. Are you looking for corporate financing at the best conditions? We would be happy to assist you in the drafting of a sustainable financing plan. Please feel free to contact us.


When funding is needed for a company or project, people often think of a bank first. This can indeed be a good and relatively cheap solution. However, a bank operates on the basis of its own financing policy and risk perception. By requiring collateral, such as mortgages, pledges or personal guarantees, a bank minimises its risks. This can cause problems when applying for funding.

Why attract investors?

If an entrepreneur is unable to meet the particular banking conditions, this may mean bank financing is not an option for them.

In more and more cases, there is a need for risk capital. This can include equity, subordinated loans or mezzanine capital. This can be provided by private equity firms, specialist bank departments and informal investors. For entrepreneurs, this market is not particularly transparent. Selecting the right party is essential, because investors are looking for more intensive cooperation than, for example, traditional lenders.

Difference with a bank loan

An investor’s objective is to achieve a return on the invested capital. If equity is paid up, it must be released when the shares are eventually sold. Subordinated loans interest at a rate that reflects the risk. 

Investors that are right for your project or organisation 

Looking for investors with the right conditions is a specialist job. There are many factors to be taken into account. For example, an acceptable interest burden and the maintenance of sufficient control in the company need to be carefully considered. In addition, the situation when the investment is paid off also needs to be taken into account.

Investments made by such parties can vary from a few hundred thousand to tens of millions. Depending on the plans and the investment period, Taurus will identify the right investor for your company.

Wondering whether attracting investors is the solution for you? Our specialists will be happy to help you draft a sustainable plan for the future. Please feel free to contact us!


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