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Investors in Remiqz - Robert Slijk

Remiqz, developer of an intelligent big data platform for the valuation of professional football players, will receive an investment of over half a million euros. The Amsterdam-based big data start-up will invest the funds, among other projects, in the further development of its smart big data platform, which provides clubs with a ranking of the quality and transfer value of professional footballers. The main components are the EuroClubIndex (ECI) and the EuroPlayerIndex (EPI), which provide clubs with a basis to justify their player investments. The financial injection will also contribute to the expansion of the ECI and EPI to become global indices.

Taurus and Wildenborg & OudeSteenhof BV have put the founders of Remiqz in contact with a group of entrepreneurs who have a great affinity with football. They believe in Remiqz' vision and strategy, which is shaking up the transfer market with pioneering technology. The investors are making ‘smart money’ available, which means that, in addition to funds, they are also providing their knowledge and experience to Remiqz. Hans Goorhuis of Taurus explains, "We’ve brought together a group of investors who trust each other. In addition, a clear deal structure has been set up and we’ve provided the legal expertise through our in-house lawyer Geerke Vos and notary Edwin Roerdink. In short, a perfect collaboration that has led to results in a short time".

Remiqz founder, Robert Slijk, recognised that the transfer values and salaries of professional footballers are still being determined on the basis of feelings and assumptions. The influence of brokers and the gut feelings of the clubs involved set the price. His platform will put an end to this. In his vision, a club’s strategy should be fed and underpinned by objective and data-driven decisions. The criteria Remiqz uses for this have been validated over the years by both scientific research and individual measurements made with the company’s user board.
Like the investors, Slijk believes that improving transfer decision-making by using the right data is the future. "With this investment we can scale up to cover the whole football market faster", says Slijk. "You can probably imagine that the market is huge. There’s even tangible interest from China in a transparent players' market.”

Interest from major clubs

Currently Remiqz is also putting the finishing touches to development partnerships with various top clubs. By involving the knowledge of these clubs in the product development, Remiqz can tailor the platform even better to the user. Slijk: "We realise that this is a service that can vary per segment group, and therefore we involve our potential customers during the further development of our product. The latest developments in the market and the investment is a sign to us that we’re onto a winner," concludes Slijk.

About Remiqz

Remiqz focuses on making information about tens of thousands of professional football players visible online and in real-time, and is the result of a close collaboration between the Football Economic Bureau and experts in the field of sports statistics Hypercube, SAP Sports Technology Partner The Next View and twelve European football clubs. Remiqz is based in Amsterdam. For more information, visit (The photo shows Hans Goorhuis of Taurus on the far left, alongside the founders of Remiqz: Huub Waterval, Robert Slijk and Pieter Nieuwenhuis).

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