Nijhuis Mi Tech Neemt Ter Hart Over Carolien En Herman Nijhuis 3
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Nijhuis MiTech acquires Ter Hart - Carolien and Herman Nijhuis

Nijhuis MiTech B.V. specialises in the development and production of rubber depilatory scrapers and other parts for pig slaughter lines. The owners, Carolien and Herman Nijhuis, made the strategic choice to allow the company to grow further and to diversify its product range.

In addition, the fast-growing company faced a lack of space at its premises. The choice was made to acquire the construction company and machine factory Ter Hart B.V. Ter Hart is also a real family business with a rich tradition. The company is located in a modern building that offers sufficient space to integrate the two companies. The merger of the companies fits the Nijhuis MiTech strategy perfectly. In addition to expanding the product range for existing customers, new markets are also being opened up for the company.

Taurus Corporate Finance assisted the entrepreneurs with the acquisition, but also - perhaps just as importantly - assisted them in investigating alternative options. This convinced the entrepreneurs that they were making the
right choices. Support in the development of appropriate acquisition conditions and financing became a targeted exercise. As a result, the acquisition became an important, logical next step for both companies. The housing problem was resolved and the synergy benefits are already evident.

Carolien Nijhuis added: "The most important success factor and the reason why we’re confident about this acquisition are the people who work at the two companies. This has given us the right team to actively to fulfilling our joint strategy. Their skills and craftsmanship are indispensable. It’s a wonderful challenge to create our future company together. We are all incredibly excited about it!”

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