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Metalage B.V. acquisition - Martijn van Beckhoven

Having worked for Bosch Scharnieren en Metaal B.V. for many years, Martijn van Beckhoven bought the activities being performed under the name Bosch Metaal. He has developed this into an independent business unit operating under the name Metalage B.V.

The photo shows Fried Kaanen (on the left), owner of Bosch Scharnieren and Metaal, congratulating Martijn van Beckhoven (on the right) on the deal. The company has around 10 employees and will remain at Voltastraat 29 in Doetinchem.

Hans Goorhuis of Taurus Corporate Finance assisted Martijn van Beckhoven in the valuation and negotiations. In addition, together with an informal investor, Taurus ensured the required financing.

Metalage focuses on the production of metal parts for interiors construction. A major strength of the company is its knowledge and flexibility. Customers in the interiors industry demand flexibility, short delivery times and are committed to high delivery reliability. Metalage focuses on small batches with short
delivery times.

Through its customers, Metalage supplies shops or shop-in-shop systems for major brands such as Puma, Tommy Hilfiger, Giant, Shimano and many more. Metalage has also proven an excellent partner for individual projects such as cinemas, hotels, museums and airports!

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