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Eiki Neede acquisition - Bert Izaks

After reaching retirement age, Mr Bert Izaks sold his company Eiki Neede to Gelre Metaalwaren B.V. from Lichtenvoorde.

In the picture above, Bert Izaks (on the right), director of Eiki, congratulates Peter van Loon on the deal to merge the activities of the two companies. This will enable them to continue to meet the rapidly increasing demand for their products and services. It also guarantees the flexibility, service and above all the quality of the products.

Hans Goorhuis of Taurus Corporate Finance supported Bert Izaks in finding the right buyer and in the ensuring negotiations. Bert Izaks: "I have confidence in the future of both companies; by combining our knowledge and experience, the effectiveness of both organisations will be further strengthened."

Peter van Loon, director of Gelre Metaalwaren B.V., is responsible for the combined activities of Gelre
Metaalwaren B.V. and Eiki Neede, with Johan Klein Severt responsible for the production facilities at Eiki Neede.

About Eiki Neede
Over the past few decades, Eiki Neede has built an excellent reputation as a supplier of mainly shop interiors and sales displays.
Using its own work processes, drawings and work schedules are prepared and, using the company’s metalworking machines, the interior components are produced and finished to the desired specifications in-house. In addition, Eiki Neede has experienced strong growth in recent years with the development of modern tailor-made locker systems for sports clubs, schools and companies.

About Gelre Metaalwaren B.V.
Gelre Metaalwaren B.V. specialises in light construction and sheet-metalwork in small to medium-sized batches for a wide range of industries.
On the basis of a design, a model or a programme of requirements, a prototype is produced through various stages from tube or flat plate to the desired end shape, with or without surface treatment.
The products are delivered on time and at any time by the company’s own transport.


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